Volunteer for us!

Make a change by creating awareness among your community about dangers of Medical Tourism in India.

Become a part of us, spread the word and save lives.

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Ninja Volunteers

  • Initially, share HospitalStandards.org homepage with your friends on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Signup for our Monthly Newsletter and Share an article of your choice on your Facebook & Twitter.
  • Share our supported petitions with your friends & family on Facebook & Twitter.


Warrior Volunteers

  • Help us with everything that Ninja Volunteers would. See above.
  • Spread the word in-person by using the Business Cards that we would provide to you.
  • Hand out our half-page Flyers  in your community. Place them in Indian Grocery Stores and restaurants in your area.


Gladiator Volunteers

  • Help us with everything that a Ninja Volunteer and a Warrior Volunteer would. See above.
  • You represent HospitalStandards.org in your region. For example, if you reside in New York, you would be the New York Chapter of HospitalStandards.org.
  • Spread the word by setting up booths at Indian shows and events. Talk to people and hand out Full-page Flyers
  • Spread the word by connecting with different local organizations that serve the Indian Community.


Contact Us to be a Volunteer