The WHO/UNICEF joint monitoring programme for water supply and sanitation has said that at its present pace, India would take time till 2054 to meet its millennium development goals 2015 on sanitation. Orissa will take the longest time — till 2160 — to reach there, according to a worldwide survey released on Tuesday.

With 626 million Indians still defecating in the open, India has 60 per cent of the people across the world who do so. However, the good news is that the drinking water target has already been achieved. The sanitation millennium development goal as set in 2000 was to ensure that basic sanitation facilities should be available to 75 per cent of the world’s population by 2015.

At the present rate, that target is likely to be achieved only by 2026 though India is likely to take 28 years more.

Source: IndianExpress

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