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At Fortis Hospitals, Doctors routinely(mistakenly) prescribe medicines that a patient is allergic to.
Pharmacy dispenses that “harmful medicine”.
Nurses administer that “harmful medicine” to patients.

The Allergy related information about the patient lies buried in the medical record pages. Pharmacy computer system at Hospitals should have an Patient Allergy alert system. Fortis healthcare does not even have that pharmacy alert system.

As per one of the Medical superintendents, “Fortis IT system is not as advanced as US hospitals.” That is complete bull crap as there are 100s of software available to do the job. its about caring and spending the money for that system. Whiteboards in patient rooms is a method widely used in the US hospital rooms.

Why should you care?
Fortis Healthcare’s revenue for last financial quarter alone was: US $285 MILLION dollars

If they are already not in your city, with that kind of cash flow, they may buy out a chain of hospitals in your city. You may have relatives who live in the cities where Fortis healthcare hospitals exist. One of your friends or relatives may go for Medical Tourism to save some money.

This does matter to YOU.

Who is Fortis Healthcare?
Fortis Healthcare is a network of hospitals across 11 countries including Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and others.

The group has 70 hospitals, 180 laboratories, 140 Pharmacies, 61 medical centers (with 550 associated clinics) and 137 dental practices.

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By Varun Tandon (8 Posts)