Unsanitary conditions for patients - don't be duped by clean floors

Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary Conditions – #1 reason for death on a certificate is “Infection”

When I reached Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, I found it to be CLEAN.

After spending 10 days there, 24 hrs a day, it was the worst place it could be in terms of sanitation. It’s the same story in most hospitals in India….I am sure of that. all major hospitals follow the same/similar rules. most major hospitals belong to major networks of hospitals implementing the same rules across.


Sanitation issues from personal experience:

  • I (Varun Tandon) worked with at least 10 nurses during the course of my mom’s stay at Fortis Hospital.
    • NONE of the nurses ever used hand sanitizer (they call it “bacto” in India). they used it a few times when I begged them to.
    • Doctors used hand sanitizer 50% of the times.
    • Nurses would not wash their hands between patients.
  • Handling of Catheter tubes with bare hands.
    • leads to infections post surgery. a HUGE problem at hospitals in India.
    • Even the Janitor (cleaning lady) handled those tubes with bare hands.


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