Lack of nurses training at hospitals in India

Improper Training

Improper Training & Pressure to perform

Lack of training and under pressure to perform, makes nurses training #1 issue at hospitals in India.

Most hospitals in India are overburdened with patients due to over population, sanitation issues etc. Put into that mix, improper training, it becomes the most dangerous issue at the hospitals.


Follow the rules? for what?

  • One of the reasons my mom is no longer with us, is the lack of nurses training. As per the hospital rules, all Penicillin medicine is supposed to be first given in a test dose. the nurse did not follow that rule.
  • The nurse (Rani) gave my mom Penicillin twice without even checking that she was wearing a TAG for allergy.
  • NONE of the nurses ever washed their hands prior to entering my mom’s room. they did not even use the hand sanitizer present in the room.


Pain management – what is that?

  • Pain management is ONLY on paper – in medical files.
    • I begged and yelled each and every day for pain medicine for my mom. Post surgery, I was the attendant living at the hospital room.
    • the nurses would simply smile or laugh. At times they lied about medicine administration.
    • In medical files that I somehow got out of the hospital, shows the pain levels were FINE. my mom begged the nurses for pain medicine. She would ask me to let her die than putting her through that post surgical excruciating pain.


Nurses are DUMB?

  • Dr. Pradeep Jain told us to not believe nurses about Penicillin administration because they are dumb. He called them stupid people who can’t even follow simple things. This happened during the “fake investigation” of penicillin administration while my mom was on ventilator.


Nurses can do everything:

  • Untrained nurses were moved around each day from various departments.
    • I caught 3 nurses giving my mom improper feeding thru the tubes.


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