Weak Laws in India for Patient Protection

Weak Laws for Patient Protection

No Laws to Protect Patients

Weak laws that side with doctors and medical professionals in India are the main cause of rampant greed and mal-practice in India. Doctors and hospitals can get away with evil behavior without much reprimand.


Value of life calculation in Court in a malpractice case:

  • Calculation example:
    • Current Age: 25
    • Current Salary: ┬áRs. 20,000 ($350) per month
    • Expected average age to live: 65 years
      • Compensation the hospital must pay for killing the patient: $180,000 (1.8 Crore)
      • This usually happens after 10-15 years of litigation


There are NO RULES about teaching the hospital and doctors a lesson so it never happens again. Its a shame that Hospitals in India do not learn from their mistakes.


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