If you are in India and go to a Doctor there. IF the diagnosis is anything more serious than a simple fever or cough. you MUST get a 2nd Opinion.

LAB Commission: Most (99% or more) doctors have a commission of 30% to 40% from Labs and Diagnostic Centers that they send patients to.

Hospital Commission: Most (99% or more) doctors have a commission of 25% to 30% from Hospitals they send patients to.

The Doctor may not want anything bad for you BUT they are more worried about their “CUT”. They may not send you to the BEST hospital, but to a hospital with better or at least some commission.

Make your own decisions after research and talking to hospitals.


COMMISSIONS like above in Medical Field are Illegal in the US, UK and other countries.


Doctor & Hospital Pressure: Do NOT get pressurized by doctors to get surgery done ASAP. its a scare tactic.  Do YOUR research first and take some time to evaluate even if it is CANCER. Example: My mom had Cancer, and instead of going to a hospital that was Cancer specific ONLY, the Doctor referred us a “Multi-specialty” Fortis Hospital. That doctor was more worried about his 30% commission than what was best for my mom.


More info:
Wikipedia link: Read some more proof about FEE SPLITTING in India: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fee_splitting