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  • Pharmacy System: MOST hospital pharmacies in India do not have IT Systems to alert them of medicine allergy conflicts
  • Sanitation: Most nurses do not use hand sanitizer in a patient’s room
  • Pain Management: There is NO concept of pain management
  • Infrastructure: Many hospitals in India lack basic infrastructure like fire alarms. This includes hospitals like Fortis at Malar, Chennai – a billion dollar company
  • Training: Nurses are not trained well, over-burdened, and ill-equipped
  • Ethics: Most doctors in India get 25%–30% kickbacks from drug manufacturers, doctors, hospitals, and diagnostic labs. Greed, negligence, and malpractice is rampant in the medical industry in India. It’s due to government corruption and lack of laws


Fast Facts

  • India has the highest number of Adult Mortality Rate between the age of 15 and 60. (Source: WHO)
  • Today, India is the third country to have approximately 2.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS infections. (Source: IndexMundi)

  • India also has the highest prevalence of Tuberculosis (TB). According to WHO, nearly 1 billion people will be affected by TB by 2020 if certain majors are not taken. (Source: WHO)

  • India leads the world in dengue burden with about 133 million cases every year. (Source: TheHindu)

  • India accounted for 47 per cent of global measles death in 2010. (Source: TheHindu)