diagram healtcareBANGALORE: A 37-year-old homemaker died after she was allegedly administered an overdose of anaesthesia at a private hospital here on Friday afternoon.

Vyshali Jain, wife of textile merchant Bharat L Jain and resident of Akkipet, was admitted to Ganesh Nursing Home, which also goes by the name Diagram Health Care, at Mehkri Circle on Friday morning.

Deepak B, a family member, said Vyshali was admitted to the hospital for removal of a tumour in the uterus. “Dr Devaraj of the nursing home took her into the operation theatre at around 3.30pm. She was administered anaesthesia,” he told TOI.

Within minutes, the OT staff came out and asked the family members if Vyshali had epilepsy. When the relatives replied in the negative, the staff told them she had started shivering. More onĀ Times Of India

Our Opinion

No hospital is willing to take the responsibility of this 37-year-old after overdosing her. Fortis denies that they are responsible for her loss because according to them Vyshali was dead even before she was brought in to the hospital. It doesn’t make sense why a hospital would take in a patient who is already dead. A doctor from Fortis calls this a medico-legal case. It is evident that they are just trying put the blame on each other. Dr. Devarah, the first doctor, ignores calls saying that he is busy with patients. OT staff is not supposed to come out and ask the patient’s members whether she had epilepsy or not, it should be written down on patients health history even before anything. This would not be the first time Fortis is trying to hide something, Fortis has been hiding doctor’s mistake many other times. Read the story of Varun Tandon’s mom here.

Few Important Points:

  • Medical negligence causes the life of a 37-year old by overdosing her with anaesthesia.
  • No hospital is willing to take the blame of her death.
  • Another news where Fortis Healthcare could be hiding their fault for their reputation.

By Priya (13 Posts)