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Gross Negligence at Fortis, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Ria Pandit from New Delhi lost her father due to gross negligence. Read on what happened to her Dad at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj.

Unhygienic conditions lead to Sepsis infection in surgery patients. Fortis very well knows they are killing people, but without oversight, they don’t value human life.


Though Fortis Group is recognized as one of the best in the medical fraternity with a huge empire to boast of, my experience at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj turned into a nightmare in just 7 days. My father was admitted here under Dr. Sabyasachi Bal and Dr. Rakesh Kumar with a ‘promise and assurance of quality life’. My father was in doubt that his lungs carried anything malignant and these doctors suggested that through means of a biopsy, underlying problems will come out clear in the picture and it’s a very safe process. He was admitted for a procedure called Plueroscopy/ thocacoscopy(biopsy of the lungs) purely to get a satisfaction although all the previous reports were clear and he was doing fine. We were also informed that it was only a 45 mins procedure and he should revive back the next day.

The day his surgery was performed and for the next 3 days my father showed signs of improvement and the biopsy results were clear too. However, on the 4th day he abruptly acquired an infection(where we were hoping that the doctors would shift him out of the ICU). He was unable to breathe properly. We weren’t told about the cause of infection by any of the doctors and they kept shunning our queries until we scanned the reports ourselves and found out that the infections were due to bacterias which are hospital-borne. My father was put on 100% life support on the 5th day of his stay as the infection spread all over his body in 24-48 Hrs. What surprised us the most was that the doctors at the ICU were carefree after putting him onto the ventilator and showed untimeliness in giving the right antibiotics. Knowing that his body showed increased swelling day by day( sign of septic, septicemia) which is no ordinary condition, we were told that this is due to the clogged food in his wind pipe and it was nothing but gas accumulation hence the swelling. They kept on experimenting on him, performing all the not-required tests on him building on the bill for the family to bear.

The ICU where he was kept was the most unhygienic one could imagine. There were uncovered dustbins right next to the beds and flies wandering over his body and the only remedy they had was to remove the flies by means of an electric fly swatter. 24 hrs visitors were allowed inside. We were shocked to see the condition of the ICU but were helpless about it. My father’s condition kept deteriorating and the doctors had no answers to us in fact when we told them we know about the bacteria so we were told straight off “We are living in India, bacterias are very common and they live on our palms too”.

My father succumbed to his condition and died on the 7th day due to negligence of the doctors and the hospital that caused Septicemia in his body. The bacterias which came out clear in his blood reports were Pseudomonas and MRSA. We were horrified to know about these when we Googled that such levels of bacterias breed in hospitals like Fortis. Had they maintained a decent standard of hygiene and treated him well on time, he would have lived his life the way he had dreamt of before being admitted to this hospital and getting my elder sister married which he was so looking forward to.

Interestingly, Dr Bal admitted that he was “not denying that this is because of negligence and that the bacterias were hospital borne” and that he was only “sorry for whatever happened” but “it was not in his hands“, the case was an ICU case. That was the attitude we got from a doctor who states “22 years of experience in AIIMS”.

Well, I know how valuable life is. My daddy wanted to live, live for many more years and he certainly did not deserve such a painful death. He was a fighter. He was a true army man.

I cannot get him back but this review can certainly help alarm someone of the practices this hospital performs and the kind of senior doctors it has.


Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad – greedy? – a review


Hospital reviewed: Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

A couple of points from this experience – Our Opinion:

  •  At Apollo Hospital, Rs. 80,000+ ($2000) was quoted for a minor operation while at Vivekananda Hospital, it ended up costing just Rs. 15,000
  •  The 2 year child was NOT taken care of. Instead of offering the first aid, the doctor was more concerned about changing for the Operation.

Review/Story from Hyderabad – AS IS


Once I went to the apollo hospital located at jubilee hills,hyderabad when my 2 year old daughter got her hand fractured. It was in the night time at around 9:00 p.m. I was told by the staff to take the child to the emergency wing. when i went there, i was told that an x ray was required urgently and the x ray was done and ready.  A junior doctor tried to treat the child and to my surprise, he did not know how to look at the x ray and he was asking another doctor to help him. finally they gave a pain killer to the child and were waiting for the professional orthopaedician. finally when he arrived, he swaw the child and the x ray and asked me to come aside. he started telling me that there is a need of an operation and it will cost me rs. 80,000/-. I was not having that huge amount with me at that time as i came urgently with a crying child. The doctor started telling me that the amount of 80,000/- will be for one hour operation and if it takes more time in the theatre, i will be charged extra. I asked him to do the first aid by tying a cement bandage for that night and i will decide for the operation and come to the hospital the next day. Then suddenly the doctor turned out like a broker and he was asking me to select the room and tell him whether i wanted a a/c room or a normal room. Then i told him seriously that the baby was not able to bear the pain and told him to put the bandage immediately. Then he started putting the bandage and after completing he told me to to come as soon as possible the next day. I clearly understood that something fishy was going on there and settled the bill and came back home with the child. We spent that night with the baby crying with pain and in the morning i went to vivekananda hospital located at somajiguda, hyderabad and i was told by the doctor there that a minor operation was required and i agreed. Then finally the operation was successful and along with the room charges and i was charged only rs. 15,000/- and the operation was the same as i was suggested in the apollo hospital. If i accepted for the operation that night, then i would have paid nearly rs 1,00,000/-  there whih is equal to the ost of 7 such operations. so, i suggest the people not to go to such hospitals and come into their words. Apollo hospitals is drinking the blood of the poor people literally by using such tricks and creatin a fers in the patients.


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