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Sanitation: India can’t meet target before 2054

The WHO/UNICEF joint monitoring programme for water supply and sanitation has said that at its present pace, India would take time till 2054 to meet its millennium development goals 2015 on sanitation. Orissa will take the longest time — till 2160 — to reach there, according to a worldwide survey released on Tuesday.

Fake doctors – Greed In Medical Colleges

BHOPAL: A Munnabhai MBBS scenario unfolded in Madhya Pradesh as six government medical colleges were found to be training at least 114 potential doctors who gained admission by fraud. The fear is there may be several doctors from these institutions who would have got in the same way and graduated and may be currently practicing.

A government probe found that the students, mostly from rich families, had been joining MBBS courses since 2009 by paying crores between them to hire practicing doctors and talented medical students from UP, Bihar and elsewhere to write the pre-medical test on their behalf, forging photographs and signatures.

Medical education department sources said the middlemen had charged Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh from each student.

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Despite the fact that it is old news the depth of this issue still needed to be understood by our government. If you search fake doctor on you will see a huge list of news on how many fake doctors are arrested daily. It shows how many doctors there still are in India treating you or your family members at this very moment. Just a few days an impostor was running a ADARSH TRAUMA CENTER  in GURGAON and got arrested. It is shameful how there is no deep background checks on doctors when they’re given permission to treat patients. It is important that the government create a strict system otherwise these impostors are gonna keep flowing into hospitals.

Things that impostors are capable of doing are plenty. A few examples are molesting a patient, steal valuables from patients, misdiagnose patients, make as much money as real doctor, etc. and impostors are been found in even prestigious hospitals like Nagpur Hospital.

It is sad to hear that medical colleges are more of a business than an institution. Medical Colleges seems to accept anyone with MONEY It is one of the reasons why America doesn’t accept India’s medical degrees. With thousands of doctors born every year in India, we are still scared for the future of healthcare in India could only hope for the best. Let’s hope that Medical Council of India keeps continuing to arrest more impostors than the new ones that are making their way into the medical industry.

Important Points:

    • Watch out for impostors in the hospital you attend. Verify with officials if needed
    • Indian Medical Colleges are a business more than an institution

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    6.4 Million Indians Suffer from Cancer and Bronchial Diseases

6.4 Million Indians Suffer from Cancer and Bronchial Diseases

A new report reveals that more than 6.4 million people in India are suffering from cancer and bronchial diseases despite the government’s claims to provide better healthcare.

Workers who are employed by the Beedi industry, the Indian version of cigar, are the main victims of bronchial diseases. Samsad, a factory worker elaborated on the spread of disease in the district and said: “As you can see it is very harmful. The disease is spreading in other houses as well.

Issues at Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai

We recently received the following email from a “Concerned Citizen of India”.
Two issues that this email highlighted:
  • The fire sump built inside the hospital is just a sham. It is not connected to fire hose and in the eventuality of a fire, it won’t work.
  • The top three floors of the hospital are unauthorized.


fortis-malar-hospital-chennaiThere is no way for us to verify this information about Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai.
We are simply passing on the message…spreading the word. If you can help with this story and take some action on it, Contact us!
I would like to bring to you another burning issue facing our hospitals. Many of the private hospitals in India have been built in violation of all building safety norms. Many of the floors that have been built have not been authorized by the municipal corporation of that region. Moreover, the fire safety norms are not only not followed, they are violated to the extent that fire safety equipment don’t even exist in the hospitals. I can personally cite the example of Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai. It is located in the posh Adyar area of Chennai. It is 180 bed hospital with 7 floors. The top three floors of the hospital are unauthorized and have been existing for years. Also, the fire sump built inside the hospital is just a sham. It is not connected to fire hose and in the eventuality of a fire, it won’t work. These facts are known to the Vice – Chairman of Fortis Healthcare – Shivinder Singh. Infact, he had authorized the creation of fire sump, with the knowledge that it would be used just as a showcase and would never be functional.
There would be many more such hospitals throughout India. I don’t know who would be the relevant health authority in India who would be honest and bold enough to address these issues.
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Most Common Medical Mistakes in India

It took two long months for a Delhi hospital to throw in the towel. It took just two short days for Jayant K. Bhuyan, 58-year-old senior executive of the Confederation of Indian Industries, to lose his life on the operation table.

Number of complaints against doctors for negligence has gone up, but in the absence of information, no one really knows how many such cases occur.

Top 5 Common Health Issues for Travel to India

As India is a developing nation, visitors need to take special precautions against illnesses not normally encountered at home. A trip to a doctor or travel clinic is recommended well in advance of your departure date to ensure that you receive all the necessary immunizations and medications.

In particular, the following common health issues should be addressed.