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3,585 facilities served notices for violating bio-waste norms – Medical Sanitation

“As per the annual report on Bio-Medical Waste Management for the year 2011, some of the HCFs are reported to be violating the provisions of the Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998 as amended. Show cause or directions have been issued to 3585 defaulting HCFs and CBMWTFs,” Environment and Forest minister Jayanthi Natarajan informed the Lok Sabha.

In a written reply, she said that as per an order of the Principal Bench of National Green Tribunal (NGT) at New Delhi, 33 hospitals in the national capital were inspected by a Joint Inspection Team (JIT).

“Out of these 33 hospitals, 17 hospitals were found violating the Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998. It has not been brought to the notice of the ministry that these hospitals are facing financial crunch to comply with the directions of the NGT,” she added.”

Read the whole story at The Hindu

Our Opinion

Hospitals are trying to keep their facilities clean by dumping all their trash out on the streets that so many Indian people sleep on. These are all hazardous chemicals and sharp wastes capable of spreading deadly infections in the nearby community. On one side, they are treating patients and on the other, they are creating a new diseases in the community. Instead of eradicating sickness in the society, they’re increasing the number of patients. Government needs to make harsh rules on bio-medical waste otherwise it can and it will be great cause of many deadly diseases. Every week we hear a new story on the bad sanitation system we have that is been cause of more than half of the infectious diseases. Hospitals such as All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Ram Manohar Lohia, Maharaja Agrasen, Northern Railways Central, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Lala Ram Swaroop Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases, MVID and two ESI hospitals in Rohini and Basai Darapur have also been notified to make changes says National Green Tribunal (NGT) in the latest report.

With the rainy season, all this waste travels everywhere including rivers, lakes, and oceans. India is not only polluting the streets but is also affecting the marine animals and our own drinking water. If India takes stronger action on their sanitation issues, it will eliminate more than a quarter of the ill-patients and make India a bit less polluted. With that said, the inside of the hospitals in India needs to improve just as much. It’s sad how we don’t hear any news of government noticing any hospitals in their use of medical equipment on which half of them don’t even work when needed. It is important that everything is kept sterile at all times in order to avoid infections among patients.

Few Important Points:

1.) Hospital Sanitation are dumping off trash on the streets that are many people’s homes.

2.) Biggest hospitals like AIIMS are also the culprit to bad sanitation.

Sanitation: India can’t meet target before 2054

The WHO/UNICEF joint monitoring programme for water supply and sanitation has said that at its present pace, India would take time till 2054 to meet its millennium development goals 2015 on sanitation. Orissa will take the longest time — till 2160 — to reach there, according to a worldwide survey released on Tuesday.

Hospital to Pay $4700 for Leaving a Needle in Body


ShreeJeewan HospitalA city-based private hospital has been asked by a consumer forum in the national capital to pay Rs 3.1 lakh as compensation to a woman after one of its doctors left a needle in her body after delivering her baby.

Doctors from Mangeshkar Hospital held for negligence

Observing that the needle left inside the complainant not only caused her pain but also contributed to her excess bleeding, the Central District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum said had the concerned doctors of Shree Jeewan Hospital been more vigilant, then the trauma caused to her could have been avoided.

“The needle which was left in the body caused pain, mental agony and contributed in excess bleeding. If the doctors concerned of the hospital would have been more vigilant then trauma of the complainant could have been avoided.

Read the full story here…

Our Opinion

What kind of laws of Delhi Medical Council makes it okay to have a clean chit over a medical error that could have possibly resulted in the loss of the patient. The doctors’ response to the needle they left in the body was “slipped while swelling” which is not a good reason for their clean chits. The compensation for all the excessive bleeding, pain and mental agony is only 3 .1 lakhs ($4700). What if she to have complications later in her life due to this leftover needle or if she is incapable of having another baby.

Few Important Points

  • Compensation for leaving the needle in her body is only $4700.
  • Doctors are given clean chit for their negligence by Delhi Medical Council.


Fake doctors – Greed In Medical Colleges

BHOPAL: A Munnabhai MBBS scenario unfolded in Madhya Pradesh as six government medical colleges were found to be training at least 114 potential doctors who gained admission by fraud. The fear is there may be several doctors from these institutions who would have got in the same way and graduated and may be currently practicing.

A government probe found that the students, mostly from rich families, had been joining MBBS courses since 2009 by paying crores between them to hire practicing doctors and talented medical students from UP, Bihar and elsewhere to write the pre-medical test on their behalf, forging photographs and signatures.

Medical education department sources said the middlemen had charged Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh from each student.

Read the whole story.

Despite the fact that it is old news the depth of this issue still needed to be understood by our government. If you search fake doctor on you will see a huge list of news on how many fake doctors are arrested daily. It shows how many doctors there still are in India treating you or your family members at this very moment. Just a few days an impostor was running a ADARSH TRAUMA CENTER  in GURGAON and got arrested. It is shameful how there is no deep background checks on doctors when they’re given permission to treat patients. It is important that the government create a strict system otherwise these impostors are gonna keep flowing into hospitals.

Things that impostors are capable of doing are plenty. A few examples are molesting a patient, steal valuables from patients, misdiagnose patients, make as much money as real doctor, etc. and impostors are been found in even prestigious hospitals like Nagpur Hospital.

It is sad to hear that medical colleges are more of a business than an institution. Medical Colleges seems to accept anyone with MONEY It is one of the reasons why America doesn’t accept India’s medical degrees. With thousands of doctors born every year in India, we are still scared for the future of healthcare in India could only hope for the best. Let’s hope that Medical Council of India keeps continuing to arrest more impostors than the new ones that are making their way into the medical industry.

Important Points:

    • Watch out for impostors in the hospital you attend. Verify with officials if needed
    • Indian Medical Colleges are a business more than an institution

Top 10 Countries with the BEST HOSPITALS

medical team discussing results

According to latest report here is ranking list of top ten countries with top level hospitals in the world .(prepared by WHO) according to expenses, medical facilities, health care system and some of other important factors.

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    Woman Dies of Alleged Anaesthesia Overdose – Medical Negligence

Woman Dies of Alleged Anaesthesia Overdose – Medical Negligence


diagram healtcareBANGALORE: A 37-year-old homemaker died after she was allegedly administered an overdose of anaesthesia at a private hospital here on Friday afternoon.

Vyshali Jain, wife of textile merchant Bharat L Jain and resident of Akkipet, was admitted to Ganesh Nursing Home, which also goes by the name Diagram Health Care, at Mehkri Circle on Friday morning.

Deepak B, a family member, said Vyshali was admitted to the hospital for removal of a tumour in the uterus. “Dr Devaraj of the nursing home took her into the operation theatre at around 3.30pm. She was administered anaesthesia,” he told TOI.

Within minutes, the OT staff came out and asked the family members if Vyshali had epilepsy. When the relatives replied in the negative, the staff told them she had started shivering. More on Times Of India

Our Opinion

No hospital is willing to take the responsibility of this 37-year-old after overdosing her. Fortis denies that they are responsible for her loss because according to them Vyshali was dead even before she was brought in to the hospital. It doesn’t make sense why a hospital would take in a patient who is already dead. A doctor from Fortis calls this a medico-legal case. It is evident that they are just trying put the blame on each other. Dr. Devarah, the first doctor, ignores calls saying that he is busy with patients. OT staff is not supposed to come out and ask the patient’s members whether she had epilepsy or not, it should be written down on patients health history even before anything. This would not be the first time Fortis is trying to hide something, Fortis has been hiding doctor’s mistake many other times. Read the story of Varun Tandon’s mom here.

Few Important Points:

  • Medical negligence causes the life of a 37-year old by overdosing her with anaesthesia.
  • No hospital is willing to take the blame of her death.
  • Another news where Fortis Healthcare could be hiding their fault for their reputation.

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    6.4 Million Indians Suffer from Cancer and Bronchial Diseases

6.4 Million Indians Suffer from Cancer and Bronchial Diseases

A new report reveals that more than 6.4 million people in India are suffering from cancer and bronchial diseases despite the government’s claims to provide better healthcare.

Workers who are employed by the Beedi industry, the Indian version of cigar, are the main victims of bronchial diseases. Samsad, a factory worker elaborated on the spread of disease in the district and said: “As you can see it is very harmful. The disease is spreading in other houses as well.

A Life is worth less than $15000 at a Hospital in India


Delhi-based St. Stephen’s Hospital has been directed by the apex consumer court to pay Rs 8 lakh to the widow of a private school teacher who was discharged despite being far from fit and died soon after due to medical negligence.

Roshani Devi, wife of Ram Niwas and resident of Haryana’s Rohtak district, pleaded before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission that doctors at St. Stephen’s Hospital in north Delhi were negligent in discharging her husband, leading to his death within 13 days in 1996. Read more on IBNLive

Our Opinion:

First of all, the hospital covered up the gross negligence committed by the doctor for its reputation. Making an error is mistake but not treating the patient properly is even a bigger mistake. Even if there is doubt of abscess, good doctors do tests and failure to do is definitely an error in our terms. Secondly, is 8 lakhs enough for Roshani and their children in this expensive market of India? Is the life of human only worth 8 lakhs in India? There are so many cases in India that are going through the same exact situation. At least, Roshani was brave enough to make a case on gross negligence but what about others who do not even have the strength to fight against due to the low income. Lastly, the national commission took 17 years to enhance this compensation. Did they not think about compensating for Roshani and their children’s emotional agony?

Compensation Calculation In India

Compensation in India is based on the victim and how much he would’ve made in his lifetime based on his income. As compared to US, where the compensation is based on the victim’s family and their emotional distress. This means that no lawyer would want to fight for the victims as they would get low amount in commission as compared to the lawyers in US who are eager to help the victims. Ram Niwas was only 32 year old, how can government decide to only give 8 lakhs as his lifetime income.

Few Important Points From this Article:

  • Life is worth only 8 lakhs in Indian Hospitals.
  • Gross Negligence of the doctor caused the life of Ram Niwas.
  • Compensation in India is unfairly based on the expected lifetime earnings.

Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad – greedy? – a review


Hospital reviewed: Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

A couple of points from this experience – Our Opinion:

  •  At Apollo Hospital, Rs. 80,000+ ($2000) was quoted for a minor operation while at Vivekananda Hospital, it ended up costing just Rs. 15,000
  •  The 2 year child was NOT taken care of. Instead of offering the first aid, the doctor was more concerned about changing for the Operation.

Review/Story from Hyderabad – AS IS


Once I went to the apollo hospital located at jubilee hills,hyderabad when my 2 year old daughter got her hand fractured. It was in the night time at around 9:00 p.m. I was told by the staff to take the child to the emergency wing. when i went there, i was told that an x ray was required urgently and the x ray was done and ready.  A junior doctor tried to treat the child and to my surprise, he did not know how to look at the x ray and he was asking another doctor to help him. finally they gave a pain killer to the child and were waiting for the professional orthopaedician. finally when he arrived, he swaw the child and the x ray and asked me to come aside. he started telling me that there is a need of an operation and it will cost me rs. 80,000/-. I was not having that huge amount with me at that time as i came urgently with a crying child. The doctor started telling me that the amount of 80,000/- will be for one hour operation and if it takes more time in the theatre, i will be charged extra. I asked him to do the first aid by tying a cement bandage for that night and i will decide for the operation and come to the hospital the next day. Then suddenly the doctor turned out like a broker and he was asking me to select the room and tell him whether i wanted a a/c room or a normal room. Then i told him seriously that the baby was not able to bear the pain and told him to put the bandage immediately. Then he started putting the bandage and after completing he told me to to come as soon as possible the next day. I clearly understood that something fishy was going on there and settled the bill and came back home with the child. We spent that night with the baby crying with pain and in the morning i went to vivekananda hospital located at somajiguda, hyderabad and i was told by the doctor there that a minor operation was required and i agreed. Then finally the operation was successful and along with the room charges and i was charged only rs. 15,000/- and the operation was the same as i was suggested in the apollo hospital. If i accepted for the operation that night, then i would have paid nearly rs 1,00,000/-  there whih is equal to the ost of 7 such operations. so, i suggest the people not to go to such hospitals and come into their words. Apollo hospitals is drinking the blood of the poor people literally by using such tricks and creatin a fers in the patients.


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Visit us at our Booth – India’s Independence Day Fair – August 17th 2013

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