Delhi-based St. Stephen’s Hospital has been directed by the apex consumer court to pay Rs 8 lakh to the widow of a private school teacher who was discharged despite being far from fit and died soon after due to medical negligence.

Roshani Devi, wife of Ram Niwas and resident of Haryana’s Rohtak district, pleaded before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission that doctors at St. Stephen’s Hospital in north Delhi were negligent in discharging her husband, leading to his death within 13 days in 1996. Read more on IBNLive

Our Opinion:

First of all, the hospital covered up the gross negligence committed by the doctor for its reputation. Making an error is mistake but not treating the patient properly is even a bigger mistake. Even if there is doubt of abscess, good doctors do tests and failure to do is definitely an error in our terms. Secondly, is 8 lakhs enough for Roshani and their children in this expensive market of India? Is the life of human only worth 8 lakhs in India? There are so many cases in India that are going through the same exact situation. At least, Roshani was brave enough to make a case on gross negligence but what about others who do not even have the strength to fight against due to the low income. Lastly, the national commission took 17 years to enhance this compensation. Did they not think about compensating for Roshani and their children’s emotional agony?

Compensation Calculation In India

Compensation in India is based on the victim and how much he would’ve made in his lifetime based on his income. As compared to US, where the compensation is based on the victim’s family and their emotional distress. This means that no lawyer would want to fight for the victims as they would get low amount in commission as compared to the lawyers in US who are eager to help the victims. Ram Niwas was only 32 year old, how can government decide to only give 8 lakhs as his lifetime income.

Few Important Points From this Article:

  • Life is worth only 8 lakhs in Indian Hospitals.
  • Gross Negligence of the doctor caused the life of Ram Niwas.
  • Compensation in India is unfairly based on the expected lifetime earnings.

By Priya (13 Posts)